We’re helping to bring Domino’s to your town

December 10, 2014 at 5:28 PM

No doubt you will have heard about the Domino’s Pizza chains – they’re one of the most recognised pizza brands in the country. Well, we certainly love them here at Annan Interiors because we tend to renovate about one store a month!

dominos1.jpgWe’re one of two preferred suppliers to do all of the Domino’s fit-outs, and we’ve remodelled stores up and down the country – from Rangiora and Pakuranga to Rollston and Eastgate. The other preferred supplier is an Australian company, which makes us the NZ arm, but we don’t mind a bit of healthy competition!

We’re proud to say that we’ve had really good feedback from all of the franchise owners we’ve worked with so far. Bruce Chen, owner of two Domino’s Pizza franchises, said that:

“I would rate Annan Interiors 10/10 for service, responsiveness and quality. Other shop fitters I have dealt with previously wouldn’t get more than 2 or 3 out of 10. If I have an issue, Annan Interiors sort it out in a day or two whilst some others can take up to two months.”


Bringing the Domino’s brand to life

dominos2.jpgThere’s a certain sense of déjà vu when we do the fit-outs, because there’s a similar look and feel that each of the franchises need to represent the overall brand. But that’s not to say that each store doesn’t have its own challenges!

Depending on the current state of the store, we may need to carry out a fairly straightforward store front fit-out. On the other hand, depending on the unique state of the building, we may need to do a complete fit-out. For example, in the Mt Eden branch it was a very old building that first required the floors to be strengthened.

Of course, the franchise-holder’s budget is another factor that we need to take into account. But we always make sure to provide them with options that they’ll be happy with, no matter the budget.

dominos3.jpgOne of the most challenging Domino’s stores that we’ve ever worked on was up in Whangarei. We needed to turn two nearby shops into one store and do a complete fit-out… in only 11 days! We managed it, although that was certainly a challenge.

At the moment we’re working on a new Domino’s project in the Auckland CBD. It’s going to be quite different from any of the other stores, so if you’re a pizza fan then keep a close eye out!