Redesigning The Next Generation Club Lounge

October 23, 2014 at 5:11 PM

NGC1.jpgThe Next Generation Club is a very popular hangout, with amazing amenities and a cutting edge gym that’s frequented by celebrities and famous sports personalities. However, they came to us with a problem: their lounge area was outdated, ugly, and very few people used it.


Carlos King at the Next Generation Club asked us what we could do to transform it into a fun, buzzing hub. As family membership is an important part of what the Next Generation Club offers, the lounge area also needed to cater to children of all ages.


NGC3.jpgWe got straight to work planning, designing, and creating a fantastic lounge that would be enjoyed by everyone. A kiosk area with internet access and video games was set up for the teenagers and older kids, while we also designed a play pen for toddlers with a safely secured gate that parents could close. The little kids also had a soft play area and a climbing set to help keep them entertained.


But even we were surprised by just how successful it was! When the lounge area opened, there were lines of people queuing up to grab a seat. It has become a really popular place to sit down and relax in, and has attracted a number of local celebrities, including Dan Carter, who was seen in there with his son one day.


NGC4.jpgSays Carlos: “We’re very pleased with the results. We loved the whole design process, it’s a one-stop-shop where we threw around a few designs before settling on something.”


After we began work on the lounge area, Carlos asked if it would be possible to move the opening date forward so that it would coincide with the start of the school holidays, which we happily did. “We were really glad that Annan Interiors were able to have that open just a few days before, it was really brilliant. It had a big impact on our family members.”


NGC5.jpgIt’s virtually impossible to get a seat in the new lounge, due to its popularity. In fact, we recently received a call from Carlos, who said that the seats were struggling to cope with the massive numbers – so we dealt with that too. The nearby café has also found that its profits have jumped by 30% since the lounge opened, which is great news for the Next Generation Club.


It has been a pleasure working with Next Generation Club, and we hope to work with them again in the future.