Redecorating with light and space

June 24, 2014 at 9:44 AM

Light and space are a highly effective and relatively simple way to improve your shop or office space. It’s difficult to say exactly how much light and space you should have in a given room, as it can depend on the sort of mood you want to set. However, as a general rule of thumb, you can’t go wrong with a lighter, more spacious room.


Light up your space

space1.jpgWhen you start off, imagine your space is an entirely black space. Then add light to the room, bit by bit. What is it that you want to highlight? What is it important for your customers to notice? Beware - if there are parts of your store that aren’t well lit at all, then that section of the store is as good as lost. No one wants to wander off into a dark, remote, uninviting corner. Avoid this by using lamps, picture lights, and track lights to build up layers of light. A mixture of lighting mediums will give your space flair and variety.


Open your office to natural light

In office environments, where people work long hours at their desks, it is especially important to incorporate natural light. You frequently hear it mentioned in movies – people covet the office with the big window. It’s a status symbol, certainly, but the natural light that comes in through windows has been well documented for its enormous health benefits. Not having enough natural light can impact employees’ moods, and therefore ultimately their productivity too.

light2.jpgOur eyes are also not designed for artificial lighting. Natural light offers a much wider colour spectrum, which makes it easier to see and work productively. Continuously artificial light is very harsh on our eyes as well, since they are used to the sun’s changing light levels. Many workers will spend hours – or perhaps all day – without any direct contact with sunlight, and unsurprisingly this can cause eye fatigue and headaches.

To improve the amount of natural light in your office and open up the office space, you could look into strategically removing a wall, or perhaps replacing one with glass. The natural sunlight permeating through can change the whole mood of a place, and make it feel open, airy and modern.


Create space

natural_light1.jpgNatural light goes hand-in-hand with space. Open plan offices can be dynamic, and a great way for people to talk to each other. They allow you to communicate without having to shout across a room, and give your workers private space without putting them in a claustrophobic little cubical.

Even in a small shop, it’s important not to overcrowd your merchandise. You want to show it off; not tuck it away somewhere that it won’t get noticed. More space can give a room elegance. If you feel that furniture and large items will overcrowd your store, then get them in plainer, neutral colours so that it’s less overwhelming. The result? A space that looks, and feels, bigger and more inviting.