Pop-up sites let sellers test market

November 05, 2014 at 11:23 AM

Written by Holly Ryan



Retail is far from dead, according to designer Lizzi Hines, who says despite the growth in online sales and decline in store shopping, retail is simply evolving. Her latest venture, Pop Up Now, aims to help facilitate this.


Hines said that Pop Up Now, launched last week, is a connecting point for retailers and landlords, allowing retailers to test markets without the same level of risk as a regular store.


"Pop-ups are providing a way for retailers to give space a try so a lot of the time people will try a pop-up to see if they've got a market," Hines said. "Temporary retail, including clearance and pop up stores is now an $80-billion-a-year industry worldwide."



Pop Up Now is an online business and app, where landlords can advertise shop space for long or short-term lease and where retailers can go to find available store space around the country. The site also provided a list of suppliers for equipment and fittings that might be needed.


Hines said pop-up stores were becoming more popular after the continued growth in online shopping.


pop_up_3.jpg"Online shopping is a big presence. I think probably what online shopping does is it increases the risk for people to go into a permanent bricks and mortar situation," she said.


Pop-up stores have been extremely popular overseas.