Massive project out at Auckland Airport

April 09, 2015 at 11:37 AM

Unpredictable things can arise whenever you’re working on any fit out project. However, the stakes were certainly high when we worked on the LSG kitchen at the Auckland Airport. It's a new building, built by Naylor Love Construction, and they needed someone to help with the interior.

The purpose of the new bulding is to give the LSG Sky Chefs somewhere to make food for all of the international and domestic flights going out. We were told upfront that they’d need their space back very soon, and there was simply no way to extend the timeline!

Well, as these things happen, there were hold ups with the contractors and for a while we were unable to progress with the work. However, we knew this might happen, which is why we’d already factored in extra time for it. Then we worked even harder to meet our deadline, which we did without any real trouble. We remained confident of matching the deadline throughout the entire project, even if it looked a bit scary one week out with still a fair bit to do!

Everyone is thrilled with how the new LSG Building looks, and we’re very proud of this mammoth undertaking too! The bathrooms, kitchen, and boardroom all needed to be fit out, and we did everything from essential building work, to adding fire doors, and selecting furniture. I guess you could say that we’re jacks-of-all-trades!

There’s a funny little story behind how we were first asked to fit out the LSG Building. Originally LSG needed us to install 5km of railing (which, believe me, is an awful lot of railing)! That’s not the sort of project that we regularly do either, and it’s not an easy task, but we managed it well. When the people at LSG saw the care, pride, and efficiency that we took in our work, they decided that we were the right people to do other work for their building, and they soon asked us to manufacture the bathroom vanities and joinery items.

The overall look of the LSG Building is fantastic. It incorporates quite a few feature walls and a very smart-looking main presentation room. There’s definitely a lot of character to the new interior, including nice joinery and high gloss lacquer. One of the best features of all are the beautiful exposed timber beams, which were part of the original building as it was built over 50 years ago. The LSG Building was a challenge, but still a great project to take on.