How being cool might be key to bringing in customers

August 25, 2014 at 3:52 PM

Retail has become more competitive than ever. Nowadays there’s no need to step outside to go shopping. Your customers know that they can probably buy cheaper products on the internet, and will have a greater variety to choose from too. Does that book seem a bit expensive? It might be cheaper on Fishpond. Not sure where to locate an old Stanley Kubrick movie? Head to Amazon, they’ll have it. It’s difficult to get customers into your shop, so it’s important to entice them with an enjoyable experience that makes them want to enter and keep coming back.

Shops that entertain people often charge higher prices for their products – but then they can do that, because people will always want to come in-store. And really, when you consider the enormous cost of owning a physical premises, cool entertainment is a relatively cheap and effective method of luring customers inside.



Disney stores. Several years ago, Disney stores worldwide underwent major fit-outs to make them more appealing to customers. Now you can go inside any Disney store and watch movie clips or be entertained by princesses. How fun!






Coffee shops. On a much smaller scale, some coffee shops provide entertainment for their customers by offering free wi-fi. It’s a small price to pay for happy customers and building up a loyal, regular client base.






Fashion stores. Although not entertainment as such, seating is nevertheless a nice bonus for any weary shopper because it provides space to relax and re- energise. Not only that, it makes a bored partner less likely to complain that their girlfriend is spending too long in-store!





Marks & Spencer. Virtual mirrors were installed in some stores so that women could try on clothes without the hassle of changing into lots of different outfits. This has been a fantastic draw card, especially for getting younger customers in.



One of the limitations that business owners face is not just getting customers in-store - it’s that people are often in a rush to get out. This is especially true when a reluctant party is tagging along. To stop this from happening, some shops have really taken in-store experiences to the next level, with some putting in small putting greens, TVs, and even video games.

Of course, you don’t need to go that far to give your shop a ‘cool makeover’ that will appeal to your customer base. But retail is a changing game, so it’s always good to consider what you can do to draw in customers to your shop. As always, we’re happy to make suggestions around what you can do during a fit out to bring in customers – just get in touch!