If there is one thing that sets Annan Interiors apart, it is the company’s dedication                                                               untitled.png                 

to customer service and after sales care .          

“I would rate Annan Interiors 10/10 for service, responsiveness and quality. Other shop fitters I have dealt with previously wouldn’t get more than 2 or 3 out of ten. If I have an issue, Annan Interiors sort it out in a day or two whilst some others can take up to two months.”

– Bruce Chen, owner of two Domino's Pizza franchises.


Managing Director Alan Annan says that every single person who works for Annan Interiors  has the same values of quality, attention to detail and customer service instilled into them, so that every person is ready and willing to go the extra mile.


“We are very service orientated and we want all our clients to be confident enough to ring us and  ask us to manage or fix issues on their behalf – it’s relationships that keep us in business.”


Annan Interiors visits every retail store three months after a project is signed off, to inspect how  the work is holding up and to discuss any issues the store management may have. The company is dedicated to making sure that everything is perfect, and if something needs doing, they jump to it. At handover time, or just before, an inspection is carried out. If there are any snags – which are far and few between – the problem is sorted out within 48 hours.

“We take pride in our work and ensure that our clients recieve the best possible service and quality products .” says Alan. 

 “The work Alan and his team produce is exceptional. Nothing is too difficult and everything has to be perfect.

“While the work Annan Interiors produce is second to none, the real advantage is working with Alan Annan. His easygoing nature makes him a joy to work with. He has a flair for design and fine detail is a hallmark of all his work. Nothing is finished until it is perfect.”

 – Geoff Haigh, General Manager, Holiday Inn Port Moresby.